Skills You Learn While In College

I wanted to take the time to share with you my public speaking teaching resources. These are great because they really can help you conquer your public speaking fears and general flaws. I found the best way to learn is by doing. There is just no other way to properly learn. Standing in front of the mirror giving a speech or in front of your family, isn’t really doing it.

The problem most people have with books is that they think that they aren’t useful to them since after reading it you will forget it anyway. And that’s where so many people go wrong. You can’t just read a book you also have to apply the knowledge you gained through it.

Look for networking events in your community. Don’t expect to be a power networker from the beginning. As they say you can’t expect to run before you can walk. Learn what you can about the organization facilitating the event. What type of people attend the events? Is it purely social in nature or are people expecting to network for business opportunities?

What do you want to say? What is the speech for? If you are speaking to educate and inform your audience, make sure that you have accurate and updated facts in your presentation. It is not enough that you have prepared and have memorized your speech; you should also know what you are talking about and have made a thorough research about it.

Eliminate the internal chatter. No excuses. Adopt a no-tolerance policy with yourself. If you are serious about learning effective presentation training, this is absolutely essential.

Public speaking is a skill that is acquired. There will always be people who have the knack to talk but giving a speech in front of many people takes some time to get used to. We were all given that chance to speak in front of the crowd in school. At one time or another, we were asked to give an opinion or a case during debate. No student is spared from public speaking duties.

This attitude adjustment is the most important tip. Without it, you have no foundation to build on. But with your rock-solid focus, you’ll quickly leave fear in the dust.

Just know this; there will always be an audience for YOUR message. More importantly, that audience is probably looking for you right now – they just don’t know your name or where to find you. My goal, when working with you is to make you an “Unforgettable Speaker” so you can reach all of those who need you most.

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