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It is always a big debate that which option is better: working mom or stay at home mom. However, one thing is clear that both types of moms work hard. The question that arises here is that which position is better for a woman: Working mom position or stay at home position. This is extremely difficult to answer this question. In this article, we will try to study the pro, cons of each type of mom, and will try to find out the answer.

The best advantage of this job or career is that you can make money even while learning many things. Just like every other thing, making money online is also a trade & you can become master of it if you keep adapting to new changes & techniques.

Encourage children to show love for other people.Teach children to demonstrate kindness and acts of service. Teach them positive and fun ways to learn accountability. Keep a sense of humor in your home. If you do not have sense of humor,your children have. Discipline them without yelling, nagging, or spanking. This will teach children that discipline does not need this kind of aggressive acts.

Many people find it fascinating that you can earn money without getting out from your home. Sometimes it really is. Can you imagine you can make the equivalent salary of working in an office by just #capitaloneventure, drinking your good coffee from your own coffee machine and lying in bed with TV switched on? It is just one of the best jobs ever for people who want to enjoy life while maintaining financially independent.

I don’t mean leave your very young child unsupervised unnecessarily or unsafely. I do mean teaching your children how to have fun without you in age appropriate ways. Coloring, playing with blocks and other toys, reading, things like that.

Great for Single Moms – This is a great way to survive being a single mom. If you can work it out with your employer, or find a job that’s stationed from home, or start a business from your home you’ll solve many of the problems that end up crippling single mothers.

Less Stress – Without a boss looking over your shoulder everyday you are free to get your work done while tending to other things. As long as you are exceeding your job requirements you won’t have to worry about losing your job.

Commit today to take these three easy steps and see your stay-at-home position improve. Make the most of the time you have at home. For many of you, it will only be awhile before your back at work again or on to different experiences. Finish those projects you have been thinking about and never had the time to work on. Its your day, Make it count!

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