How To Design A User Centric Website

Optimize your site for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE7 and IE8). Everyone loves to hate Internet Explorer, but the sad fact is that a large minority of internet users still use these old versions of IE. They don’t render many elements in compliance with web standards, so workarounds are required. Specifically, read about the “box model bug” that plagued IE for years.

Pilots have a theory they use when flying. Well really not a theory but an explanation for why airliners aren’t falling out of the sky every second and it’s called “The Big Sky Theory”. Simply, it states there’s enough sky for everyone to fly in.

The size of a website can have a huge impact on search engines. Search engines love content, so if you have only a few pages to your site and your competitors have dozens, it is difficult to see a TOP ranking for your site. In some cases it may be difficult to present several pages of information about your company or products, so you may need to think about adding free resources for visitors. This will help expand the reach of your website (search engines like) as well as keep visitors on your site longer, possibly resulting in more sales.

You must decide what you want from the web developer. What do you actually want him to perform? Do you need a web design company in bangalore only or you want everything that requires marketing and maintaining?

Building your own website will not be a daunting task with templates of web pages being available in the internet. Whatever your theme is there is a template for it. There are many internet resources from where you could download these templates. These are predesigned and only you need to add relevant content to complete the web pages.

All web developers should have a strong hold on the building block of all webpages. HTML is the start of any website. If a developer doesn’t have this, they probably won’t last long in this market. They should know all the regular attributes and tags to HTML.

It’s always safer to keep your web site at less than 750 pixels wide as you don’t want to alienate your visitors by having them scroll to see the whole page. Make sure that that your web pages show up the same in all web browsers.

Next thing is the cost of getting your website done. Do not automatically go for the cheapest price. You will get the things done what you pay for so ask each developer for a written proposal. Go through the proposals thoroughly and make sure that proposals include breakdowns of pricing by service. This will help you to make appropriate comparison between each developer.

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