Confidence Building Activities

If you have ever been on a team builder event for work then you’ll know they can traditionally be tedious, dull and hardly inspire you to greater things.

Fall/Winter activities : Skiing, snow-boarding, snowshoeing, and skating all made the top pick for winter youth activities. Also, although it’s winter, there are a variety of indoor Team Bonding Singapore offered as well throughout different community resources. Check out some of these indoor sports, if snow is not your thing: floor hockey, indoor volleyball, basketball, and a wide variety of indoor aquatic programs. Check out your local community resource centers, such as YMCA for program details.

Team building away days are much more than a fun day out. They should be fun, certainly, but they must also achieve the desired end result; building a team to a higher level of commitment and dedication. These will not achieve this if they are not well planned and executed events. The following 7 steps will help turn a mediocre event into a well thought out successful one.

Sumo wrestling Team building activities can be quite fun. It will be even more fun if all of your lads dress up in inflatable sumo fat suits and wrestle against each other. Maneuvering and planning attack in these suits is going to be bit of a challenge, though.

Say NO MORE to indoor team building exercises in the workplace or office – GET OUTDOORS and you’ll see the staff’s eyes light up. When did that happen with overhead projector?

Sundays: Church was our primary activity every Sunday. Being able to attend the church of our choice as a family gave spiritual strength to us as individuals and as a family. Worshiping together with our friends was a special time for our family. A time of spiritual growth and appreciation for each other as part of a loving and caring family. After most Sunday services we either had been invited to one of our friends’ homes for lunch or we had invited guests to join us at our home for lunch. Either way, it was a continuation of sharing with other people with like interests and our children strengthened friendships with our guests children. Sundays were truly a blessed day for our entire family.

This is just some of what we would say if asked our thoughts on company team building. Rather than assuming the responses will only be negative, go ahead and solicit our input. That way, the company can save time and money and all of us will benefit from the process. It is quite a simple and easy solution, we think.

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