A Checklist For Your Camping Trip

It’s nearly fall, and apples are getting ripe on the trees at orchards all over the state. These fruits will find their way to farmers’ markets and stores all over the Columbus, Ohio area, but going to the orchard and picking your own apples is a fun and relaxing fall activity. It can be a fun family event, with children enjoying the picking out their favorites, or it can be a nice daytime date activity, walking among the trees and picking some fruit while enjoying each other’s company.

Why clean out the chimney before you use it? Gases from the fire travel up the chimney with the smoke. Depending on the temperature of the blaze in the firebox, the gases either solidify or liquefy. When they combine they form creosote, which is not a good thing because it’s combustible.

outdoor fun are popular enjoyments within RV camps, but read the campground rules before lighting a fire. During extremely dry weather, some camp grounds do not permit fires. If you do light a campfire, be considerate of the people around you and ensure the surrounding area is clear from dry leaves and other materials that can quickly spread a fire.

Avoid setting up camp near large piles of rocks or fallen trees, as these are prime places for snakes to gather. While some snakes will slither away when frightened, some will defend their home environment.

Camp Kinneret is located in Agoura, California and is a co-ed camp for kids ages 4 to 14 years old. The cost is $200 to $350 per week. This camp puts an emphasis on small groups so there is a low camper to counselor ratio. Campers experience activities such as swimming, horsemanship, music, gymnastics, and sports. Call 818-706-8255 for more info.

Here’s another example: G to D7. With the G chord, the third finger plays on the first string, 3rd fret. As you move to the D7, just slide that finger back to the 2nd fret, and bring the 1st and 2nd fingers, as if they were glued together, from the 5th and 6th strings, up to the 2nd and 3rd strings.

Drive: As far as maneuvering goes, a car is easy to park and drive. If you’ve never driven anything larger than a minivan, chances are you won’t be prepared for an RV. An RV back up camera will help you with a 20 foot long vehicle. Don’t take the risk of damaging yours or someone else’s transport; invest in a RV back up camera. An RV isn’t as nimble as a minivan, it takes longer to slow, and can’t make sharp turns. When driving, it’s important to remember this in order to think ahead.

Organize neighborhood meetings to discuss wildfire safety, ways the group can work together in the event of a fire, and invite guest speakers from the local fire department.

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