Third Eye Meditation For Awakening Your Consciousness

I like riding my bike – it coincidentally keeps me in shape. I call it moving meditation, whilst keeping semi-alertness in the relentless traffic. I also like to go jogging with my dog Max, or is it the other way round? I watch him jump over the oncoming apartment Chihuahua’s snapping their jaws; out for their hours release in the park with a graceful leap reminding me of Bambi.

You are unique, just like everyone else. Your uniqueness is contained in the gifts you possess and your willingness to empty yourself as you share ‘your song.’ Most are so fearful of being laughed at that they hold their unique song in. How sad.

Bit provides us with comfort and pleasure, and not just sexual pleasure. When you’re not touched, it is exhausting to feel comforted and exhausting to not crave pleasure. To assist, realize ways to comfort yourself. Strive a soothing cup of tea, a heart-focused meditation classes baltimore, being attentive to sweet music or reading poetry. Attempt going for a brisk walk to feel the pleasure of the sun or wind on your skin. Choose a swim to feel the pleasure of water on your skin. Walk barefoot in the grass to feel the softness of grass on your toes. You get the idea.

It may sound odd, but you may want to dress up a little for your presentation. True, your listeners can’t see you, but you know how you look. If you change your clothes for a webinar you may feel more professional (even if you change into your nicer track suit).

There are many brain exercises which you can apply to help you improve your memory. But before any of these techniques can be effective on you, you must learn to focus. Without the power of focus, your mind cannot catch the important details which you may not be interested but vital for our job, study or any other things in your life. Have you ever experienced recalling only 20% of an article after reading it? Have you ever attend a learning session and come out none the wiser? Well, the possibility of these situations happening is due to the lack of focus.

Smile as you speak when it’s appropriate. A smile comes through in a person’s voice, and listeners react to it. Of course when you’re nervous you may have a tendency to giggle, but that’s a no-no. You don’t want to come across as childish.

Try keeping a regular fitness routine for a while, twice a week go for a jog at a similar time. Wake up earlier and go for a long walk before work – take your neighbours dog if you don’t have one. Find a yoga studio close by and join a weekly class. For a big dose of motivation and a change of life find a retreat.

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