Milk Snake As Pet – Is It A Good Choice?

There are many factors that contribute to the proper growth and good health of a leopard gecko. Aside from housing, temperature, and feeding, one must also provide the proper humidity. Humidity is needed for skin shedding, an important part of their life cycle. Humidity, a moist box, and observation can make the shedding process easier for the gecko.

Feed your frog suitably. These frogs love to eat crickets therefore, you must buy maximum small-sized crickets and house them in a cricket keeper until you feed them to your red eyed tree frog. Don’t be frightened with the idea of feeding your frog with crickets, as most people have problems picking them up. You can use tweezers, Popsicle sticks and other things to pick up crickets.

BONUS TIP 1) A fourth excellent starter lizard is the leopard gecko, a delicate and very popular nocturnal species that has been bred into many colour morphs (it’s something like the lizard keeper’s equivalent of the guppy!). Unlike the other starter species I mentioned, leopard geckos are smaller (to about 6 inches), have soft, delicate skin, and have tails that are easily broken. Yes, they grow back, but only as stiff rods that never look as good as the original. They also require more gentle handling than the larger starter species. They do not need UV light, but they still need a warm Terrarium workshop (70 – 78 degrees at night, 78 -95 degrees by day), sandy soil, and places they can hide. Feed them live insects, especially crickets, young roaches, and wax worms.

Aside from basking light, you may also use an ultraviolet light. Iguanas need UVA and UVB to maintain their health. So, if you cannot move their tank or terrarium to a place where the sun can shine through it, you should place ultraviolet lights inside. You can get these lights from pet stores and even on the Internet.

Regardless of your size and choice of your container garden, you will need durable gardening tools. Container gardening tools range from and are not limited to gardening sieves, pruner, watering cans, trowels, wrist-easy hand rakes, and soil-testing kits for measuring pH value and moisture content. Any garden store provides a great selection of quality garden tools, and you can even purchase that little garden Gnome you’ve been dreaming of. According to a European folklore, Gnomes are often depicted as having beards and usually wear red hats. They are known to smoke pipes and help with your garden secretly at nights.

Tokays are mostly found in the tropical rainforests of Asia. To make your pet feel more comfortable in its new home, you want to make it feel as if it’s in the same place where they used to be. Keeping the humidity inside the tank or Terrarium Singapore is a must. Ideally, the level of humidity should be between 40 and 80 percent. This can be easily achieved by placing moist (not wet) substrate inside the tank and proper misting. Failure to sustain such level of humidity can lead to various health problems.

BONUS TIP 2) Do not use heat rocks to keep diurnal lizards warm! The lizards are, frankly, not “wired” to know that their bellies are actually cooking, and they may stay on the rock until badly injured or dead! Leopard geckos, however, will be fine with a heat rock or two.

Aquatic turtles can make great pets, but not for very small children. Children should also be taught that turtles can carry disease, so they should not put them in their mouth.

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