How You Can Use Seo And Offline Techniques To Make Your Business A Brand?

The first step for marketing with LinkedIn would be a no-brainer: sign up if you haven’t! This is so important because one cool fact I know about LinkedIn is that your name can be searched on Google and your LinkedIn profile will appear on the first page. Could you imagine how powerful this networking site is for your business? People will just search your name on Google and they could instantly access your profile.

Sure, Facebook accounts get hacked. And Twitter accounts. And Buy LinkedIn Accounts Online. And it’s a terrible nightmare and headache when they do, but the fact is, the risk of personal, financial and healthcare information being compromised is much greater in the real world than it will ever be in the virtual one.

Next, get recommendations! If you have any close business associates that have given you a great testimonial, get them to write a recommendation for you. These will show up on your profile, so it will give you the needed boost that you are looking for. And the best part? These testimonials show up on their LinkedIn profile as well, and positions them on a senior level… so it is a win/win situation!

If you like the work of someone else, recommend them. The recommendations you write, as well as those you receive go a long way toward helping your visibility and rankings on the site.

You’ll need a 3 different accounts, and best of all they are all free. You’ll need an account at EzineArticles, Twitter and LinkedIn. Go open those if you need to.

Having a consistent name on all of your sites is important for building an online presence. You do not want someone else using your name on a website, blog or social community account. This means you need to secure your brand (name) on all online accounts. The only cost is your time. Registration is free.

If you are a blogger (and as a solo professional, you should be!) click on the “More” tab at the top of the Linked In page, above your profile, and then click on “Applications.” You’ll see several applications there, the important one links your blog postings to to LinkedIn automatically. You can also add Twitter accounts if you wish.

Do not shy away from testing new ideas. It is probably the best way to learn and grow your business. In addition, it does not harm if you do cross-pollination. That’s linking your social media accounts; sending your Facebook fans to your LinkedIn page and vice-versa.

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