Diamond Wedding Rings

The four C’s is what anyone will tell you if you ask for advice on how to buy diamonds. But most people will draw a blank when you ask them to tell you what the four C’s stand for! You cannot afford not to know the four C’s when you’re going to buy diamonds. Buyers beware, so we’ve heard, but you should be especially careful and aware as a consumer before spending your hard-earned money on something as expensive as diamonds. Although gold remains the preferred choice of investment for storing wealth, people invest in diamonds nevertheless.

The valuation of the coloured diamond hk is based on the depth of the hues. This means that the deeper the hue the greater the value. You would note that the color issue on the gemstone is very predominant and nothing not even clarity or size would supersede it.

White/Colorless Diamonds – The most common of all diamonds are the white and colorless diamonds and are often seen in engagement rings. These stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can also find Asscher cut and Round diamonds for rings. Modern-day engagement rings tend to have Princess cut diamonds in them.

Actual gemstones like these are created by nature within beneath the earth’s surface. Red diamonds are said to be sought after by collectors from around the globe. The majority of this color of diamond can be found in Australia particularly in the Argyle Diamond Mine. Some of these diamonds also come from Brazil and South America. This rare quality has made these diamonds famous. Some of these are the Moussaieff Red and The Hancock Red. They are both hailed as flawless diamonds and are given the highest grade for clarity. Some diamonds are bought for a specific purpose but when it comes to this kind of diamond the main purpose of buying them is to complete the start of their rarest diamond collection.

Somehow, diamonds set in jewelry are not considered a good investment decision. The highest grade and quality of diamonds are almost always sold separately. If your budget is not very big, you can consider investing in small, loose stones. The bigger the diamond, the more expensive it will be. However, smaller stones are also available in the finest quality and can fetch you great returns in the long term.

The following three tips would not be so technical for the ordinary people to know how to spot real diamond from the bogus one. Sometimes even the well-trained professional is tricked by con artists into buying fake diamonds. Those products look almost exactly as the genuine diamonds because they are also gems or stones with some similarities to the real ones. Those fake diamonds may actually be synthetic gems, crystals or cubic zirconia.

Before selling a diamond, you have to get it appraised to determine its monetary value. Knowing the value will give you an estimate on how much you can sell it. Furthermore, an appraisal will tell you the four C’s of a diamond: carat, clarity, color and cut.

When looking at the certificate for a heart diamond, the most important areas to look at are the color and cut grades. With these, color can appear around the corners, especially with a color grade of J or lower. Finally, because of the relative difficulty associated with cutting heart diamonds, the cut grade is extremely important. It’s recommended that you stick with diamonds with a cut grade of “Good” at the very least, and higher if at all possible. Poorly cut heart diamonds will suffer greatly in terms of sparkle and brilliance.

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