Destination Wedding: Choosing A Good Photographer

Wedding photographer is the most important person in the wedding! He clicks the most beautiful pictures, arranges them for you and makes you a lifetime of memories. Even though he does his best, you can also contribute a bit.

You’d be surprised how many people out there who will quite happily steal others work and pass it off as your own. If you see a photographer only a few outstanding images a true on- line, and at a price that ‘s too good to be true – it probably is.

The best thing to do is to remember what it’s like for you when you’re at your job. You can’t do your best work when you’re tired, burnt out, hungry and thirsty. And you can’t work for up to ten or twelve hours without any breaks or food. Well, neither can your wedding photographer. That’s why the one person (other than your bride or groom) you need to be prioritizing on your wedding day, is your photographer.

Planning a wedding is no easy task. If it was easy, then wedding planners would be out of work. Even simple decisions like the theme of the wedding, the flower selection, and the number of guests can be excruciating without the right guidance.

Your photographer is carrying around heavy photo equipment all day long. They’re also peering through a lens for hours, all the while holding a heavy camera in their hands. And your photographer has to interact all day not only with you, but with everyone at your wedding. So don’t run them ragged.

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The importance of all of this can’t be overstated. How your photographer is feeling and how they communicate with you and your entire wedding party, is going to set the tone for all of your photos. Some food, some breaks, and some acknowledgment of their hard work, is all it takes for you to ensure that your photographer is able to do their very best for you. If you’ve hired a good photographer, the better they feel, the better your wedding photos will be.

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